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How We Are Innovating

Technology We Use


StatSports Vest

StatSports is the most advanced technology when it comes to wearables for athletes. The pod, which is fitted in a vest, captures over 6.5 million data points over a one hour session and shows many Key Performance Metrics. Learn more here.

Rebound Boards

Rebound boards give us the opportunity to maximize how many touches a player can get over the course of an hour. Rebound boards help simulate real game scenarios where you are playing and receiving passes.

In-Hand Camera

Video Review

For some sessions we may employ the use of video. This allows us to show our players how they can improve.

Coaching Sticks

Kwik Goal Coaching Sticks help us bring life into our trainings. These allow us to simulate having players within the field as well as being good obstacles for shooting, passing, and dribbling.

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